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Resell Your Pre-Loved Items & Detox Your Wardrobe with IBlameLULU

Reselling pre-loved Items of yours allows you to detox your wardrobe and have your items find new homes where they can be worn and loved all over again.

A few Tips and Tricks to lean on, when deciding which Items to bring to Us

Presentation is everything
First of all, we are very selective when picking out items to display in-store and online. Therefore, make sure that the items you decide to bring to us are well taken care of and in good condition. Wash or dry clean the clothing in advance, wipe off shoes etc. Well kept items retain a higher selling value and makes the process of us selling your items easier. We do not accept defect or repaired items, unless we have been made aware of this upon submission and still agreed to take in the items.

Be Brand Selective & keep your Reciepts
Be brand selective when going through your closet and keep receipts for your high-end items. Especially for more expensive pieces like bags, an origianl reciept is super important when handing it in for resale. 

Think Seasonal
It can be challenging to sell off-season items, as to why we recommend that you rotate your wardrobe seasonally and submit in-season items only. There may be exceptions that sell all year round. Please don't hesitate to reach out for advice and examples on such exceptions.

We sell your items at the store on Frederiksberg and/or on our webshop.

What's next?
If you can check off the above listed tips and tricks, and would like to sell your pre-loved items with us, please feel more than welcome to bring your items to our store on Gl. Kongevej 101, 1850 Frederiksberg. Here, we will take a look at your pieces, and evaluate on which items we believe we will be able to sell - in-store or online.

Still not certain?
If you are still in doubt whether or not we will be interested in your items, you are more than welcome to send pictures of the items you wish to sell in advance of bringing them to our store. Please do so via a direct message to our instagram account iblamelulu or via text on the following number: +45 53 80 53 93.
If you wish to send items to us by post or courier, please contact us in advance for an appointment and more information at:

When do We accept Hand-Ins?
We want it to be as easy for you to hand in your items as possible, as to why you are more than welcome at any time during our opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 11:00-17:30
Saturday: 10:00-15:00
Once We have agreed upon selling Your Items & You have handed them in...

Personal Information & Handed-In Items
Your personal information, including name, email address, phone number and bank information, will be stored in our digital system. We register your items with image documentation in our database, so your history is stored, and we can always find the items that have been submitted to us.

Pricing & Commission
Our expert valuation team rates the quality of your items, and we agree on prices in-store. If we are busy in the store, when handing in your items, we offer to send you price suggestions by text message or e-mail when time allows us to. All suggested prices are before commission (we offer a 50/50 split in commission), which means that you will get half of the suggested price, when the item sells. On special items we will consider making the split more favorable to you. Please ask us if you believe you have such an item.

We will send you a confirmation on handed-in items and the pricing of such, as soon as your items have been registered in our system. We strive to register hand-ins as soon as possible, but be aware that there can be a couple of days delay.

Transactions for Commissions due
We keep track on on-going sales, and transfer automatically to your registered bank account on a monthly basis - usually within the first week of a new month. You get payment for items sold within the previous month, depending on when the item was sold.

How long do We keep Items for
When handing in items, you agree upon us having your items in commission for a minimum of 8 weeks. Some items are sold immediately, while others take longer to sell. While having your items displayed with us, we do not accept that the same items are displayed privately by you on any platforms. If you would like to pick up your items within the initial 8 weeks, you must make us aware of this, when submitting the items to us at the store. If you choose to pick up your items early, it may cost you an administrative fee for not upholding the agreed upon minimum of 8 weeks to sell your item.

If We don't Succeed in selling Your Items
If you have submitted items that we are not successful in selling, we will repack them to you and send you an SMS when they are ready for pick up. Please prioritize to drop by and pick them up sooner rather than later, since our space is limited. If you do not have any interest in picking up your items, we are happy to help donate it to charity. We donate these items to the Red Cross.

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