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With careers in the fast fashion industry and years of experience within design, production and sales, founders Camilla Kleemann and Kathrine Gøtke quit their jobs in 2013 to launch I Blame Lulu. 

A luxury second-hand community built on the pillars of sustainability and circular economy, as a response to the fast fashion industry where clothes were being produced, sold and thrown away by the minute. They envisioned that luxury brands could have several second homes, if they could orchestrate and communicate the advantages in buying pre-loved items. 

Today, I Blame Lulu has one physical store in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, and the team has embarked on a journey towards full online presence, being able to serve their friends and community members with access to pre-loved, second hand luxury items across the World. 

Adding to the pre-loved items, I Blame Lulu has also established their own luxury brand under the same name, crafted in Italy with natural quality materials. Within the I Blame Lulu brand, you can find exquisite knitwear and accessories.

A circular economy, a circle of life, and how to take part

We launched I Blame Lulu with the ambition to create a community in which like-minded people could re-circulate their pre-loved items, sell -and make room for other items in their closets. Re-selling your pre-loved items is always a great idea and here is why:

  • It serves your economy well
  • It is for the benefit and joy of others
  • It is good for our environment
We accept pre-loved items in commission, but we have a strict policy, when we evaluate which items we choose to take into commission. 

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Flatlist Sunglasses ‘Le Bucheron’ in Crystal Yellow/Pink Gradient Lens - Price 800 dkk

C H A N E L Jacket in Boucle with Gold details, size FR38 (36) - Price 30.000 dkk

S a i n t L a u r e n t Boots in Black Suede, size 38 - Price 4.500 dkk

Areon Knit Skirt ‘Avalon’ with Belt in Grey, size M - Price 2.100 dkk (New condition)