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Prada cashmere polo knit grey size xs
Prada Polo Str. XS EUR 954
Miu Miu cardigan Flowers crop size it38 (34)
Miu Miu Floral Cardigan Size it38 (34) EUR 524
KHAITE knit striped size L
Khaite Stribed Knit Size L EUR 511
Khaite Knit Black beige size S
K H A I T E Knit Size S EUR 1008
Sea New York knit printed size M
Sea New York Knit Size M EUR 215
Prada knit black logo size it40
P R A D A Logo Knit Size IT40 (36) EUR 927
Cecilie Bahnsen Knit mint size XS/S
Cecilie Bahnsen Knit Size XS/S EUR 457
Hermes Knit orange/brown size M
Hermés Knit Size M EUR 188
Magda Butrym grey knit size 34
Magda Butrym Knit Grey Melange Size 34 EUR 349
American Vintage knit short sleeve Xs/ S
Sold out
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American Vintage Knit Size XS/S EUR 101
American Vintage cardigan yellow size XS/S
Sold out
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American Vintage Cardigan Size XS/S EUR 101

At I Blame Lulu, we have a large selection of second hand designer knitwear that are all looking for a new owner. The endless collection of pre-loved knitwear on and in our store on Frederiksberg only comprise of knitwear in exclusive and luxurious materials and silhouettes from popular designer luxury brands.

All of our second hand designer knitwear go through a thorough quality check before we put them up for sale online and in store. During the quality check, we ensure that all second hand knitwear is always in the right condition and can be sold to our customers. Our descriptions of our pre-loved knitwear selection are always correct and rated in the state that is true to its condition. You can safely buy a piece of knitwear online without feeling unsure about the condition of the item. We never take in items that have been over-used or in fair condition, as we strive to hold a good reputation, as a dealer of second hand fashion. When going through second hand knitwear in our quality check, we use our expertise to find the right and most advantageous price for our customer and the seller. We strive to create a great environment for all people involved in the selling and buying process. We make sure that both seller and buyer get the most out of their trade of second hand knitwear.

We strive to deliver a great service and expand our way of dealing second hand items for our customers, as we see the trend in buying second hand designer goods increase. The fashion industry and 'fast-fashion' have a major impact on the environment, which is why the interest in pre-loved designer goods have attracted much attention throughout the world. We consume an overflow of clothing and other material goods, but we rarely use them for a long period of time. It is based on this impact that we believe that the best way to look after the environment is to avoid clothing waste and make the best use of resources. Our customers often choose to shop at I Blame Lulu, because they can find unique second hand designer goods that cannot be found in stores anymore. Likewise, they love to find items that they can bring to life in their own way. 

A fundamental value at I Blame Lulu is that we never compromise on quality. You will find a wide range of second hand designer knitwear that you can introduce and fit into your current wardrobe. You will be able find beautiful knitwear pieces from brands such as Victoria Beckham, Saint Laurent and Magda Butrym - among others. We are sure that if you keep an eye on our pre-loved knitwear category, you will at some point find a knitwear piece for you.

Knitwear comes in many shapes and colors, but we find a recurring joy in the designs of Victoria Beckham. With her focus on clean lines and classic styles, there is something for every taste in her range of knitwear. Emphasis is placed on the fine detail and a neat look that fits into any wardrobe. With second hand knitwear from Victoria Beckham, you are guaranteed to become the owner of a piece of design that will last you a lifetime.

The iconic French fashion house, Saint Laurent, is another favorite within our second hand knitwear category. Founded in 1961, Saint Laurent revolutionized the entire way that the fashion industry and society interacted in 1966. Saint Laurent manages to combine timeless designs with uncompromising quality in the finest way. This is clearly expressed in their knitwear creation, and why it is without a doubt one of our customers favorite brands.

Magda Bytrym is one of our favorites, when it comes to dealing second hand knitwear. She creates some of the finest knitwear pieces in fashion and her styles never seem to disappoint. After working as a stylist for a number of years, Magda Butrym took the leap and launched her own brand and became greatly acknowledged in the fashion world for her knitwear pieces. You will always be assured the highest quality in both materials and silhouettes, when you find a pre-loved Magda Bytrym knit. Her designs are characterized by sophisticated elegance that can transform any wardrobe and give it that high-end luxury feel.

Whether your favorite is Victoria Beckham, Saint Laurent, Magda Bytrym or another luxury designer, you must keep an eye on to ensure that you can shop your new second hand knitwear piece. We make sure to constantly renew our selection of knitwear and strive to add new knitwear online. 

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